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Why Choose Language By Design?

Here at LBD you can expect high level remote learning with synchronous and asynchronous classes. Students can participate in a unique learning experience that is oriented to helping each student achieve their language learning goals, with postgraduate teachers and native experienced tutors committed each step of the way. 

What inspires us

We believe that learning a language and the culture it comes from, (remove comma) can open your mind to a better understanding of the world. It can promote tolerance and respect, inspired by a broader mindset that allows you to grow, discover and explore new horizons.


Our Mission

We provide high quality Spanish classes and tutoring with personalized support. Students learn at their own pace in a friendly and immersive environment.   We provide tools and resources to learn and enhance preparation in any "cultural environment" that they encounter.


Our Vision

LBD will provide an unparalleled experience as the most trusted partner for language education.

I have both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Spanish and I have been teaching Spanish for 21 years in the public school system.   In light of recent events, I have decided to step away from the classroom but I wanted to continue doing what I love. I am passionate about language and culture and I believe that the most rewarding aspect of life is to connect with others.  Speaking another language allows you to connect with a wider range of people in your personal and professional lives.  Creating a challenging, engaging, and relevant learning experience while incorporating play, passion and purpose is at the core of my teaching philosophy.  

Donna - Co-founder


Blas- Co-founder

I am a native of Chile. I have a bachelor’s degree in dentistry and business management engineering, but found my true calling teaching Spanish, I’ve been teaching successfully online for 2 years. My experience includes tutoring students for academic purposes or just helping them to improve their language skills and fluency. I’ve travelled extensively throughout South America, North America and Europe, which has led me to be fluent in English (C2), with some experience with French (B1) and Italian (B2). I have firsthand knowledge of the importance of communication in creating bonds with other people, to have a better understanding of culture and expand to your own views of the world. My goal is to provide a rewarding and fun learning experience to each and every student. 

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Blas Hernandez

Blas Hernandez


Donna Nadratowski

Donna Nadratowski